Katherine A. Haviland

PhD Candidate at Cornell University

Dept. of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Field of Natural Resources

West Falmouth Harbor, MA


M.S. Cornell University (2019)
Natural Resources
Howarth-Marino Lab

B.S. University of Maryland (2017)
Geographical Sciences, Hydrology
Summa cum laude

AAUS Certified SCUBA diver


I’m interested in seagrass-sediment interactions in eutrophic marine estuaries, focusing on New England. I’m especially interested in the biogeocehemical cycling of carbon, sulfur, and iron in marine sediments.

Woods Hole, MA


I’m a third year MS/PhD student at Cornell University. I work in the Howarth-Marino lab on a project focused on sediment biogeochemistry in estuarine systems.