CERF presentation, November 2019


Kaushal, S.S., Wood, K.L., Galella, J.G., Gion, A.M., Haq, S., Goodling, P.J., Haviland, K.A., Reimer, J.E., Morel, C.J., Wessel, B. and Nguyen, W., 2020. Making ‘chemical cocktails’–Evolution of urban geochemical processes across the Periodic Table of elements. Applied Geochemistry, 104632.


Kaushal, S. S., Gold, A. J., Bernal, S., Johnson, T. A. N., Addy, K., Burgin, A., Burns, D.A, Coble, A.A., Hood, E., Lu, Y., Mayer, P., Minor, E.C., Schroth, A.W., Vidon, P., Wilson, H., Xenopoulos, M.A.,  Doody, T, Galella, J.G, Goodling, P., Haviland, K., Haq, S., Wessel, B., Wood, K.L., Jaworski, N., & Belt, K.T.  (2018). Watershed ‘chemical cocktails’: forming novel elemental combinations in Anthropocene fresh waters. Biogeochemistry, 141(3), 281-305.

Before 2018

Haviland, Katherine. (2016).  “Projected Effects of Sea Level Rise at Otter Point Creek.” The Otter’s Tale, Winter 2016, XXI:1.  


Hayn, M., Haviland, K., Marino, R., Howarth, R.W., & McGlathery, K.J. (2019, November). What can stable isotopes tell us about eelgrass habitat in a eutrophic estuary? Poster presented at 25th biennial Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation (CERF) meeting, Mobile, Alabama.

Hayn, M., Marino, R., Howarth, R.W., & Haviland, K. (2017, November).  Effects of eutrophication on seagrass habitat, biogeochemical cycling, and carbon storage.  Poster presented at 24th biennial Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation (CERF) meeting, Providence, Rhode Island.

Ellicott, Evan; Honglin, Zhong; Haviland, Katherine; de Bremond, Ariane; Hubacek, Klaus; Feng, Kuishuang; and Magliocca, Nick.  (2017, January).  “Large-Scale Land Acquisitions (LSLAs): Global analysis And Cambodia Case Study.” Land and Poverty meeting, Washington, DC. *

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